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HOLY STREET OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL conducts events and training focusing on various themes related to general health, reproductive health, hygiene, and HIV prevention. These initiatives aim to empower and educate young people about their bodies, promote personal and household cleanliness skills, and provide information on sexual health. Additionally, we actively work to combat the spread of HIV and related illnesses.

One unique aspect of our programs is the use of Basketball to engage young people in learning about health, promoting behavioural change, improving life skills, and increasing school retention rates. By integrating sports into our initiatives, we reach and positively impact many children and youth.

In the slums of Kampala, we serve a diverse group of children and youth, with 62% female and 38% male participants, across three slums. This inclusive approach ensures both genders access essential health education and skills development opportunities.

Overall, the efforts of HOLY STREET OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL contribute to achieving several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Quality Education, Good Health and Wellbeing, and Gender Equality.
Through their holistic approach to education and health promotion, we make meaningful strides towards creating healthier and more empowered communities.